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Services - Prompt Care Agency

Services Prompt Care Agency

At Prompt Care, our services are run by experts to meet the needs of individuals. We have built our reputation on being professional, organized and efficient. Services - Prompt Care Agency

Home-Based Support

Home-Based Support

Prompt Care

Get support and gain independence at home.

Our DSPs are trained to assist with personal care and daily activities; including household chores, changing, dressing, feeding and anything else a client may need. 

At Prompt Care, our DSPs teach functional skills, so our clients can maintain independence in their daily lives with a caring, helpful and encouraging friend at their side.
We can provide Community-Based Support in conjunction with Home-Based Support.
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The caregivers do a fabulous job.

We get home-based support from Prompt Care for my three brothers who have cerebral palsy. Because they get overwhelmed around too many people, Prompt Care worked diligently to find us caregivers who could handle all three at once. The caregivers do a fabulous job maintaining my brothers’ hygiene, making sure they're comfortable, and helping them get things done around the house. It amazes me how Prompt Care constantly follows up on how things are going and is always ready to help.

Community-Based Support

Prompt Care

Gain confidence and connect with your community.

The outside world may be overwhelming for an adult with developmental disabilities, but with a DSP from Prompt Care, going out becomes a pleasurable experience.

Whether it’s going to the mall, the movies, or the grocery, our clients enjoy friendly companionship as they gain interpersonal and life skills.
We can provide Home-Based Support in conjunction with Community-Based Support.
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Really, Prompt Care is the best!

I was talking to Matt, my support coordinator, and he recommended I go with Prompt Care. My caregiver is Kim and she’s great. She takes me shopping and to the doctor and I love going to the gym. She does a good job, Kimmy, she waits by the door for me while I do my stuff. Really, Prompt Care is the best. Eli is the best person, she’s kind, she’s all the way there and she makes sure that Kim comes on time and everything.

Family-Hired Support

Prompt Care

Caring for a loved one? 
Why not get paid for it?

When a loved one is developmentally disabled, you may prefer to care for them yourself or choose a relative or friend as their designated caregiver. At Prompt Care, we will hold your hand through the process of getting approved as a DSP, so you can get paid for the hours you invest.
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Prompt Care pays like clockwork.

When Michael was home from the day program for a prolonged period of time due to COVID, Amanda, the support coordinator, told me I could get paid from the state’s budget for looking after him. He’s home anyhow, why not? Since then, it’s been amazing- Prompt Care pays like clockwork. It’s a pleasure to deal with them. They are so professional and kind, and whenever I have a question, they answer immediately.
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